Publisher: De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam, 1975
Text: Gerard van Westerloo
Lay-out: Jan van Toorn

A story on Surinam just before it's independence.
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The Dutch Caribbean

Publisher: De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam, 1978
Text: Gerard van Westerloo
Lay-out: Jan van Toorn

Photographs from Surinam and the Dutch Antilles
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Publisher: Kosmos, Amsterdam, 1982
Texts: Kees Schaepman and Sigmung Freud
Lay-out: Jan van Toorn

Images from Sub-Sahara Africa
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Willem Diepraam

Publisher: Fragment, Amsterdam, 1985
Text: Gerard van Westerloo
Lay-out: Jan van Toorn

First monograph of my photographic work
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Hans Appenzeller 20 years

Privately published, Amsterdam/New York, 1989
Texts: Hans Appenzeller and others
Lay-out: Lex Reitsma

Fashion studies on Hans' great jewelry
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Publisher: Fragment, Amsterdam, 1991
Text: Albert Camus
Lay-out: Jurriaan Schrofer and Jan van Toorn

On the struggle for life on Sisyphus' rock
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Landschap aan zee. 24 Foto's

Publisher: Focus, Amsterdam, 1995
Poems by Remco Campert
Lay-out: Arnaud Beerends and Willem Diepraam

Industrial landscapes, a universe without people
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Publisher: Focus, Amsterdam, 2001
Texts: Annie-Laure Wanaverbecq and Chris van Esterik
Lay-out: Reynoud Homan

Second monograph on my photographic work
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Portugal 1974

Publisher: BNO, Amsterdam, 2010
Text: Willem Diepraam
Lay-out: Volken Beck

A series made in and around Lisbon and Fatima
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